Enhance The Sight, Sound & Smell of the Hot Tub Experience…
Achieve Spa Nirvana!

Patented & Exclusive, Featuring a 24″ Waterfall. You Must See It To Believe It!

Vantage Curve

Zenith Curve

Journey Curve

Radiance Curve

Vantage Curve Lounge

Mirage Curve

Curve Spas

Our Curve Spas have changed the definition of a hot tub. Why have a conventional spa when you can own a Curve Spa by Coast Spas? The sleek and stylish raised back design gives you protection from the elements as the acrylic shell comfortably wraps you in its warmth, offering both privacy and shelter.

Curve Spas

CS Vantage Curve Top

Curve Spas Features

Curve Design

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration

Sweeper Jet